Lili Wexu
Lili is powerful and immortal, like Zeus! Daring, and hilarious in failure, like Julia Louis Dreyfuss. Zany like Vonnegut, Tom Robbins & David Kronenberg. She is as quirky as a Coen brothers movie. Complicated and profound as Darren Aronofsky’s cinema. Fast like The Flash & Jack Kerouac. Inspiring, like Oprah and Gandhi. And like her hero Bambi, she remains innocent, loving and kind with a heart big like the Milky Way! Lili is infinite, -like all the Earthlings!

This trilingual (English, French and Spanish) powerhouse is a also a great public speaker, and she is an accomplished voice over talent (narrator, announcer).

A talented character actress, she has a very unique and distinctive type that has as much edge as it has commercial appeal. She plays politicians, cops, detectives, high status, low status, white collar, blue collar, troubled characters, moms, villains, suspects, and professionals of all types in film, TV and on stage. She is as emotional and fearless in drama, as she is hilarious in comedy. This highly trained actress with unique special skills brings humanity and creativity to all her roles. She also writes, acts and directs her own projects. To see Lili in action, see her acting video reels.

Lili’s favorites actresses are Claire Danes, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Penelope Cruz, Hilary Swank, and Edie Falco. When working, she actually feels like a darker Claire Danes herself, and in comedy as a younger cross between Tilda and Frances! People often find she looks a lot like Hilary, and if she could come back as anybody in a next life, she’d definitely come back as Penelope…

Her specialties are: acting for film, television & commercials, spokesperson & voice overs (live announcer, radio & television commercials, television imaging, business presentations, corporate videos, narration, documentaries), public speaking.

Her special abilities are: snowboarding, skiing, road racing & rallye (car), skydiving, dirt biking (motocross), trapeze.

Interests: Toastmasters, writing, making the world a better place, snowboarding, traveling.

Lili is a permanent resident of California; she is a green card holder and she is a SAG-AFTRA-ACTRA-UDA member in good standing. She was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but having lived for many years the US as a child, she performs in both North American English and French Canadian with absolutely no accent. She also speaks Spanish fluently as she lived in Argentina for several years.

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