New to LA?

Over the years, many people have asked me for advice about how to navigate LA effectively. What the best schools are, head shot photographers, ways to promote oneself, and even to find out about more possibilities in acting, or to help boost an existing acting career. As my schedule fills up, it is harder to find the time to help people individually, so after much thought and consideration, I have decided to offer consultations by phone or Skype on very specific topics.

  • best acting schools
  • find out your type(cast) 
  • best photographers for your head shots
  • printing head shots
  • how to create an effective demo reel
  • creating your own material
  • acting in student films
  • to join SAG-AFTRA or not to join?
  • joining SAG-AFTRA 
  • what your job as an actor is in LA (this can be confusing)
  • your IMDB page
  • get to know casting directors
  • how to get an agent
  • self taping, where, how?
  • marketing yourself effectively (genius ideas)
  • how to build your confidence as an actor (so you can walk in low on nerves, and high on confidence).

These consultations are designed to either guide you in taking the next step in your acting career in LA, to elucidate a problem you are having pertaining to your acting career, or, to help you make an educated decision about whether investing in an acting career is right for you. If you already have your foot in the door, and have resume and reels, I can evaluate them with you, and give you a clear sense of what your next step should be. We can also talk about your self tape set up, or any questions you may have.

Consults are $150 for a 55 minute session. Once you have booked a session, you will receive an invoice with a link to pay by credit card. Your payment must be made at least 48 hours prior to your consult. Rescheduling is ok, no refund for cancellations. Book your consultation: lili (at) liliwexu (dot) com

Please note that Lili no longer offers free advice or referrals, you must book a consult to have Lili look at any of your materials, or to answer any questions you may have.

Survive LA, and make the most of your time in Los Angeles by working with Lili Wexu. Acting consults by phone or Skype.

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